• 360° Monitoring using Minder
    All-In-One software to monitor all layers of IT Infrastructure
    Unified Monitoring
    A Bird’s Eye View of
    Complete IT Infrastructure
    Key Metrics for Business
    Services, All at One Place
    Automated Reports
    We Support 700+ Reports
    Data Visualization
    Multiple Protocols
    Mindarray Supports Today’s
    Multi-Vendor, Multi-Protocol
    IT Infrastructure
    Custom Dashboards
    Flexibility to Suit
    Your Needs
    Powerful and Intuitive
    We Support 700+ Reports

Identify and fix performance problems in
your Enterprise Network

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"Mindarray got us the 99% SLA achievement with its accurate performance monitoring KPIs, RCA and unified view of complete infrastructure. Our team now spends more time on productive tasks rather than mundane jobs of compliance and reporting. Mindarray is easy to use, proactive and yet most cost-effective IT monitoring solution.”
- Pankaj Darji, InfoStretch