• 360° Monitoring using Minder
    All-In-One software to monitor all layers of IT Infrastructure
    Unified Monitoring
    Network, Server, Apps....
    monitor everything!
    Your key metrics for Business
    Service together, in one place
    Automated Reporting
    Share the data with all of
    your IT Staff.
    Custom Widget
    Multiple Protocols
    Use SNMP, WMI, SSH, JMX,
    JDBC, HTTP, PING and many
    more to monitor everything!
    Custom Dashboard
    Your Complete IT Dashboard.
    Your Network. Your Rules.
    Widget For Meaningful
    Data Visualization
    Share the data with all of
    your IT Staff.
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    Mindarray offers unified platform to monitor and manage network, server, application and log data to help customer and organization
    gain insight quickly and effectively while manage IT‐enabled business processes and services.

    Our solution provides correlated monitoring capabilities, real-time analytics,
    root-cause analysis and robust event management from any source.

Identify and fix performance problems in
your Enterprise Network


Service Level & Business Service Management


Centralized Event Management & Correlation


Cloud & Virtual Environment Monitoring

Discover, Analyze & Automate

Network Management

Use various monitoring protocols to monitor every element of your network. Get detailed stats on bandwidth, configuration changes Read more

Server Monitoring

Greater insight into resource consumption accelerates problem detection and diagnosis. Use scheduler to start/stop service/server Read more

Business Service Insights

Powerful analytics to learn behavior patterns across all three layers: network, applications, and systems. Automatically correlate events Read more

Application Monitoring

Monitoring template for every element delivers everything you need – identify slow queries, request being served, resource drainers Read more

Log Management

Scalable SIEM engine provides increased visibility into your user activity. Define rules to get notified, comply with regulatory standards Read more

Virtualization Monitoring

Mindarray provides increased visibility into virtualization and monitors vital signs. Improve capacity planning with unified monitoring Read more

Mindarray monitors everything effortlessly

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Try it today. Fully Functional Enterprise Edition for 30 Days.


  • With Enterprise Class Features

    Immediately be informed of behaviour change and potential outage, IT downtime and check security threat from customizable dashboard.

  • Unified Monitoring

    Monitor Network, Server, Application and Log data at one central location. Quickly locate problems root cause across entire network

  • Custom Dashboard & Report

    Create your custom dashboard and data widgets to get comprehensive view of critical services in one dashboard. Consolidate your key data

  • Install In Minutes

    Wizard-based configuration allows you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure quickly & effectively. Report your most critical data in few minutes