Application Performance Monitoring

Identify and fix performance problems in your Enterprise Network

Experience Unparallel Application Performance with Mindarray Minder

Complex mix of applications running on physical and virtual infrastructure makes it challenging for a company to monitor each of them and have them running optimally. This leads to a strong demand for an application performance monitoring tool that can manage a large number of applications across the company’s IT environment and critical business services.

With Mindarray’s Minder, application performance management has never been so easy and effortless. It allows seamless monitoring of applications running on the cloud as well as physical infrastructure. It can also detect slowdown and tracks key SLA metric to provide better service delivery across entire application stack. Our application management solution not only ensures how your applications such as web, application, database server, Java apps – are utilizing the resources but also provides visibility to identify what’s affected and what to analyze further.

High Performance

With secure connection Mindarray Minder starts collecting data using various protocols – without Agents


Smart threshold, correlation and baseline data engine helps you measure performance across all layers of network

Auto Reporting

With much deeper insight & detailed stats - analytics gives you in-depth context around interdependent service

24X7 Support

Insights about performance trend like never before. Complete health and vital statistics of entire network

Enterprise-Class Application Performance Monitoring Software

Reliable Monitoring For Critical Business Applications

Mindarray Minder helps businesses find out what’s going on with their application with real time status updates. It keeps a close check on the applications that are critical to your business, identifies the problem areas and allows for pro-active intervention so that you can have a peace of mind.

End-to-End View of the Performance Levels of IT Business Processes

Mindarray is a powerful application performance management tool that monitors transactions and sends alerts about slacking performance parameters. This facilitates the IT administrator to take timely corrective measures, thereby reducing service disruptions. Our platform focuses on real-time analytics, root cause analysis and helps IT operators effectively monitor and manage critical business service.

Reduce Administrative Costs

With Mindarray, companies can effectively minimize downtime and the chaos associated with abrupt application problems and system breakdown. Our application monitoring tool is massively scalable to meet the requirements of large datacenter, and built from the ground up to aggregate performance data of critical business service effectively.

Automation that saves time and cost

Our setup and installation is quick and easy and comes with pre-built templates of OS servers, Web server, Profiler, Application, Database and Middleware servers. You can start using Mindarray application monitoring software immediately with predefined monitoring templates, you can tailor key performance data to meet your requirements and this eliminates labor incentive and ineffective manual processes. Mindarray is more than just a server performance monitoring tool. Try the full-featured 30 day trial version of our application performance monitoring tool or Download Free Mindarray Minder, free application monitoring alternative.