Service Monitoring

Define and monitor business-critical services

IT's role is to enable business value creation by supporting the necessary infrastructure. However, most IT administrators have limited or no visibility into causes of business services malfunction. A business service is enabled by interconnected layers of applications, databases, servers and networking devices. Minder's truly unifying IT monitoring allows IT administrators to logically group various layers into a Business Service that can be monitored just like any other individual networking element, server or application. Having defined such a grouping for each business-critical service, IT administrators are now in full control of preventing an IT problem from becoming a business problem.

Benefits of Business Service Monitoring

  • Faster, easier and precise event correlation
  • Enables single-click RCA to find if an application, database, server or networking element is at fault for a business service slowdown
  • Allows CIOs insights into availability of hosted services by applying SLA to a Business Service