Distributed Monitoring

Get A Complete and Centralized View of IT Operations Across All Remote Locations

Minder 5.0 provides the IT administratorsthe freedom to push configuration, retrieve critical business service monitoring information, and enforce SLAs across remote locations, using a secure communication channel, all the while sitting at enterprise main office.

Distributed Architecture

A unique-in-its-class distributed architecture delivers Peace of Mind, now that the IT administrators need not to worry about loss of data if the communication channel between main office and remote offices is disrupted. The remote polling engine would encrypt local event data and store it till the communication has been re-established and push the data to the master server. Similarly, Master server stores the commands for remote locations in its memory and pushes it out on reconnection.

Here is how it all works

  • Master Engine is the brain of a distributed enterprise monitoring with a database and graphical user interface.
  • It pushes configuration and policies to remote engines as and when they are detected.
  • It establishes two communication channels with each remote engine – one to push database sync, UI operation and commands requests, and second to poll data, discover remote engines, enforce SLAs and receive alarms.
  • In case of disrupted communication, master will store the commands in its memory and flush them out on re-establishing of the communication with remote engine.
  • Remote Engine is same as Master Engine, but without a local database and its own UI.
  • It has the capacity of storing local events into encrypted files in case of disrupted communication with the master. Once the communication is up, it will push the files for processing at master.