Event and Log Management

Collect, Analyze and Use Log Data in Improving Your Business Service

Existing log data management tools necessarily store data in order to allow you meet compliance but don’t make informed, garnered to be utilized in facilitating the day-to-day operation, performance analysis, dynamic reporting and meeting one-off requests from auditors. MindArray differentiates itself from its contemporaries by combining analytics with log maintenance and generating a wide range of customizable, ad-hoc reports in helping data meet compliance mandates at each level.

Extend Monitoring and Troubleshooting to Application, Server, and Network Logs

Existing log data management software offers siloed visibility and fails to deliver insight on complete networking and application performance. MindArray combines deliverables on a single platform in an effort to consolidate all data for multilayered analysis and reporting. Allows all of your IT staff to get better visibility on log data of multi-line, varied applications on physical and virtual environments and complex enterprise IT. MindArray SIEM engine works beyond limitations of database, allowing you to index log records to collaborate performance data on a single platform for better understanding and insight.

Proactively Align Log Data with IT Services and Meet Compliance

Effective log management involves finding and resolving the sources of problem and reduce the overall Business impact. MindArray proactively delivers immediate correlation between collected performance data and logs. MindArray IPM has automatic rules to monitor critical security logs collected from various Eventlog and Syslog based components. User can also create custom rules for custom log and map them to comply with regularity standards. Managing Log data and aligning their objectives facilitates the effective delivery of critical and operational business processes.

Make Your Log Data More Useful

  • MindArray indexes log data in real-time. Capture critical application logs as they happen.
  • Troubleshoot and investigate problems from application tier down to network tier with robust searching and filtering
  • Allows you to set your own reports, compliance reports and log summary widgets into dashboards
  • Classify, map, tag log records from any source to track security incident
  • Generate alert on specific pattern, threshold and events

Audit ranging from the account logon events to directory service access till process tracking and system event logs, all comes under one roof. Our advanced level log management software displays both past and present data side-by-side for comparing performance and identifying any outage or potential ones at the outset. MindArray captures and manages data from any source in real-time, allowing users to view, search, and investigate logs any time for troubleshooting; covering all aspects of security, compliance and network operation by Improving Mean Time Investigation and Resolve issues.

MindArray generate personalized reports in tandem with compliance mandates instead of delivering stacks of generalized reports and comply with explicit data control management, as specified, across IT infrastructure