Identify and fix performance problems in your Enterprise Network

MySQL Monitoring

MySQL Database Performance Monitor

Basic monitoring tools fall short when you need visibility beyond the basic performance metrics of MySQL server database. MindArray is all-in-one infrastructure monitoring solution, to help database administrators monitor and track MySQL database health, performance and availability alongside monitoring every element in a production environment, allowing IT teams to get deeper insight into performance and health of database, network device, virtualization, log records and flow traffic analysis.

Ensure that you have 360 Degree Visibility around MySQL Performance

MindArray Minder provides extensive capabilities to monitor critical business process and interdependent services, providing a unified monitoring solution to track and understand the health of MySQL infrastructure as well as physical, virtual, cloud environments. The built-in service analytics allows you to resolve and troubleshoot database performance bottlenecks quickly – such as end-to-end response time, blocking locks, slow sql, low bandwidth, disk I/O.

database performance monitoring dashboard

Customized Alerts and Reports

MindArray Minder provides at a glance report and more than 700 built-in data widgets for viewing the overall performance of MySQL and supported infrastructure. This data widgets can also be used in custom dashboards – helping users to automate performance and health analysis. Intuitive visual correlation engine allows you to create a widget for custom dashboard to quickly graph database health and monitor performance changes – such as database response time, table stats, buffer hit ratio and much more. You can also use this widget into your custom reports to create more summarized and statistical reports.

MySQL performance monitoring quickly collects key performance indicators, including:

  • Checking MySql server availability
  • Aborted connections
  • Error logs details
  • Connection details
  • Host CPU, memory and disk I/O Performance details
  • Command details
  • Database instances and table details
  • Query Execution details
  • InnoDB Engine details

Supported Versions of MySQL:

  • MySQL 4.x
  • MySQL 5.x
  • MySQL 6.x