Network Performance Monitoring

Monitor performance of end to end components in your network with MindArray

Today's network monitoring tools need - unique insight into entire IT infrastructure - support for latest technologies and applications, unified dashboard to track key indicators from business service. It is important not only to monitor network devices in general, but also to monitor bandwidth and Network Flow data in particular. Comparing IT performance data from multi layers to get much deeper insight into the health of your IT infrastructure.

Enterprise IT network could be changed more quickly by Organizations due to virtualization and cloud environment. Monitoring network layer has become extremely crucial in ensuring improved performance and minimized downtime.

Here are a few more reasons where MindArray can totally rock your network management -

Get Full Visibility into Network Performance

MindArray allows you to close the visibility gap in enterprise network, by providing deep insight into end to end components across application, device and server infrastucture. User can quickly and easily monitor SNMP enabled network devices, all you need is IPaddress or host name and our built-in discovery will classify the device and configures template and widgets for monitoring and reporting.

Get Detailed Stats on Syslog and Packet Level Data

MindArray IT Performance Manage monitors all the key indicators for your network devices. Visualize the critical logs, device performance data, network interface throughput and utilization using intuitive visual correlation engine. Get detailed analytics and summarized reports on device specific Syslogs. MindArray IPM can track and monitor not only the SNMP devices, but also determines traffic between network interfaces and bandwidth issues using the integrated network traffic flow analysis (for Flow formant such as NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX).

Monitor, Track Configuration with Full Configuration Compliance Management

MindArray is unified monitoring solution that allows users to correlate performance issues and bottlenecks at network device performance and configuration level. Automatically take backup of critical device configuration and compare them side by side to identify the changes. MindArray provides out-of-the-box compliance reporting for configuration management and device configuration is automatically kept up to date.

Key Network Monitoring Features

  • Network-wide monitoring - device performance, log data, network flow data
  • Remotely discover the connected devices through a switch port mapper
  • Automated layer 2 and layer 3 discovery
  • Cisco IP SLA monitoring
  • Drill-down on network interface utilization
  • Unlimited interface can be monitored per device with no additional cost

Mindarray IPM is powerful network performance software that helps you monitor, manage and measure your Network, System, and Application environments.