Oracle Performance

Oracle is one of the leading database providers and many organizations rely on it to run critical business processes. Thus Oracle database monitoring becomes an important tool to visualize and staying on top of user session activity, query execution, disk I/O, memory details and database efficiency.

Performance Analysis And Managing Alerts

Mindarray's Minder can automatically discover and collect Oracle database performance metrics, and configure thresholds to access database health and availability details. When an alert is triggered the resource and the reason for the alert can be identified. These alerts can be received via emails, IMs or SMS. Furthermore, DBA and IT operators can track critical service levels, and create dynamic views for composite SLA oracle database server.

Key Oracle Database Performance Metrics Monitored

  • SGA Pool
  • Rollback Segment
  • PGA
  • Log
  • Data File
  • Configuration
  • Table Space
  • Instance
  • Table
  • SGA