PostgreSQL Monitoring

Identify and fix performance problems in your Enterprise Network

PostgreSQL Monitoring Wth Mindarray Minder

PostgreSQL, or simply Postgres, is one of the most used object-relational database management system. Mindarray gives you comprehensive performance details of your PostgreSQL database with integrated proactive monitoring tool. Monitoring heterogeneous network environment is a challenge. IT teams need monitoring tool that not only provide visibility into Postgres database performance, but also into other infrastructure layers such as network, other application and virtualization.

High Performance

With secure connection Mindarray Minder starts collecting data using various protocols – without Agents


Smart threshold, correlation and baseline data engine helps you measure performance across all layers of network

Auto Reporting

With much deeper insight & detailed stats - analytics gives you in-depth context around interdependent service

24X7 Support

Insights about performance trend like never before. Complete health and vital statistics of entire network

Why monitoring your Postgres database with Mindarray?

Mindarrays’ Minder gives you a much deeper insight of Postgresql performance by rendering you a customizable performance metrics for monitoring key performance indicators. All the performance issues related to slow SQL, table locks and user sessions are reported to DBA/IT admins in real-time. Minder allows you to specify your own thresholds or smart threshold based on baselining the collected data from normal database performance behavior. Smart threshold helps you eliminate false alters from your mailbox.

Get Fully Automated Dashboards and Reports

Mindarray Minder automatically collects and reports all of the information related to Postgres database performance. Intuitive visual correlation engine helps you create data widget for dashboard to quickly graph database health and track usage behavior changes. You can use the same widgets into your custom reports to create more summarized and statistical reports.



Key features of Minder PostgreSQL Monitoring tool

  • Server CPU, memory and disk utilization
  • Index/Sequential scan details
  • Check for connection acceptance
  • Number of current connections
  • Database instance details
  • Table details of multiple instances of Postgres simultaneously
  • Summary of queries such as insert, update and delete
  • Monitoring of Disk I/O block reads
  • Number of commits/rollbacks
  • Disk usage by the Database
  • Real-Time User activity details



System Supported Versions:

  • PostgreSQL 7.x
  • PostgreSQL 8.x
  • PostgreSQL 9.x