Identify and fix performance problems in your Enterprise Network

Server Performance Monitoring

Enterprise IT Management Tool That Facilitates Delivering Customer Value

MindArray Minder provides enterprise-grade Server monitoring solution that delivers the functionality that the IT operations teams need to effectively manage the health and performance of their entire physical and virtual server infrastructure through a single, integrated console.

In today’s IT scenario, server monitoring has become much complicated and dynamic. IT operators need unified system to get holistic view of their entire datacenters. Our broad spectrum of tools provides you detailed application and system performance monitoring; while working with multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and traditional virtualization systems as well.

Solve Server Performance Issues with Unified IT Management Solution

Physical & Virtual Server
Performance Metrics

MindArray is designed to manage your servers (such as Hyper-v, XenServer, VMware, Windows, Linux, Unix) coupled with ease of installation and usage. Our broad spectrum of tools serves you with detailed application and system performance monitoring. IT team can quickly visualize the graphs for server interface, CPU cores, system load performance trend and user-specific and department level security can be enabled on each component.

Server Monitoring Dashboard
Memory Comparison Chart

Monitor Critical Events for Hardware Health &
Log along with Performance Data

MindArray Minder can discover and monitor not only System level performance data, but also the host operating system logs and underlying hardware health metrics. Legacy server monitoring products fail to provide visibility and insight beyond performance level; while troubleshooting critical performance bottlenecks. By monitoring all the aspects of server health, MindArray delivers detailed analytics, automated fault correlation and out-of-box visibility to keep up with an ever changing IT service.

Advance Dashboard and Reporting Engine
with More Built-in Automation

Performance metrics for Windows, Linux, UNIX and virtualization are available out-of-the-box to provide detailed summarized reports and detailed competitive analysis of your server resource consumption. Advance root-cause analysis reports that extend server insight into SSH, WMI and SNMP performance metrics, beyond response time and availability. Create departmental infrastructure views into the dashboard with less effort.

Historical Charts - Server