Unified IT

Gain Visibility Into Server, Application, Virtualization And Network Infrastructure

Enterprise IT environment has evolved into a complex, hybrid, and virtualized multi-layered infrastructure. Business critical services can be at risk without clear visibility into complete IT infrastructure. Minder is a truly unifying monitoring and management software that provides deep insights into all layers of your IT environment – applications, databases, servers and network devices – irrespective of whether they are hosted on physical servers, or virtual, on-premise or in-cloud.

Benefits of Unified IT Monitoring

Minder's purpose-built, ground-up, single-dashboard, truly unifying monitoring enables IT administrators to,

  • Get an eagle's eye view of the IT infrastructure by gaining unparalleled clarity across the layers of IT, simultaneously zoom in to the level of a single database query or an application container that is at fault for a non-performing SLA
  • Compare performances of applications, databases, servers and network devices that comprise a business critical service side-by-side, enabling a faster root cause analysis which layer is at fault for slow end-user experience