Virtualization Monitoring

Identify and fix performance problems in your Enterprise Network

Virtual Machine Monitoring

Use Mindarray Minder to monitor virtual machine and stay up-to-date with the activity going around your virtual infrastructure

In the recent times, most of the enterprises have Virtual & Cloud based resources. With Mindarray, you have the enhanced new set of functionalities and capabilities to manage the performance of your virtual environment, providing the ability to address the key challenges of virtualization management.

Supporting VMware, XenServer & Hyper-v virtual machine monitor, we help you simplify the management of virtual resources. The integrated monitoring solution provided by Mindarray spans over desktop virtualization to server virtualization.

With Mindarray’s Service-Oriented approach, operators of virtual infrastructure gain access to real-time analytics, point-in-time data, utilization trend and robust event management across all layers of virtual infrastructure including hypervisor, virtual machines, servers and application. The powerful attributes based model enables Mindarray Minder to analyze and detect bottlenecks on all virtual data points.

High Performance

With secure connection Mindarray Minder starts collecting data using various protocols – without Agents


Smart threshold, correlation and baseline data engine helps you measure performance across all layers of network

Auto Reporting

With much deeper insight & detailed stats - analytics gives you in-depth context around interdependent service

24X7 Support

Insights about performance trend like never before. Complete health and vital statistics of entire network

Better Oversee Your IT Environment With Mindarray’s Centralized IT Operations View

VMware Performance Monitoring

VMware monitor contains extensive intelligence and best practice alerts to provide automation while monitoring and reporting critical events of VMware environment. From the CPU usage to active memory, hardware sensors information and configuration of the virtualization, the very minute detail is included with greater insight.

XenServer Performance and Log Data Management

Mindarray Minder XenServer monitor quickly identifies the VM in use, and applies intelligent alert thresholds, giving you alert via Email, SMS when something goes wrong in hardware, performance or log data. Mindarray provides comprehensive, integrated and installed in minute XenServer monitoring solution for better insight and transparency through a complex enterprise virtualized network.

Hyper-V Performance Monitoring and Management

Our unique service analytics engine generates usage trend by baselining all the collected data against historical performance data and detects the change in usage pattern in complex virtualized infrastructure. The hardware details, including the hardware usage and the performance and availability information of the HyperV virtual machines allows you to gain more visibility with ease.



Why choose Mindarray Minder virtual machine monitoring

  • Complete Visibility into JMX and J2EE Applications
  • Request Processor Details
  • Comprehensive Application Details
  • EJB Details Such As Entity, Stateful, Stateless
  • Monitoring of used & free Memory and all the Java memory spaces.
  • Connection Pool and JCA Details
  • Data Source, Web and Mail Service Monitoring


Mindarray Minder calculates the metrics of the virtual infrastructures based on the relevant platform and tracks the availability, performance and configuration of the virtual machines in combination with the physical infrastructure - all under one roof. In addition to monitoring virtual servers, Mindarray Minder also monitors critical business service, application performance, and physical network device – local, remote and hosted. Advance virtual machine monitor is included in all editions of MinaArray Minder.