VMware Performance Monitoring

Identify and fix performance problems in your Enterprise Network

Comprehensive VMware Performance Management and Reporting

VMware provides number of benefits to your IT infrastructure – improvises the operational efficiency, reduces the cost of data center operations, overcomes the limitations of hardware-based infrastructure and adds scalability to your IT operations.

Amid all these benefits, you need to know about the performance of your VMware on real-time basis before complaints start coming in from the end-users. Minder (formerly known as IPM) is a comprehensive solution for vSphere monitoring and management. Minder provides complete system visibility by combining physical and virtual performance metrics. Mindarray enables IT administrators to quickly spot and diagnose the performance issue that can be missed in layered infrastructure deployments.

Complete Visibility

Agentless monitoring across multiple infrastructure layers allows you to see end-to-end performance metrics

Align VM Data

An automated job allows you to map reporting data automatically when VM is moved from one host to another

Powerful Actions

Built-in VM management actions can be scheduled or executed from the console to Power on/off and reboot a virtual machine

Capacity Planning

Out-of-the-box dashboard and reporting widget helps you manage capacity across all layers from one unified dashboard

Why Mindarray VMware Performance Monitor for Virtual Infrastructure?

Quick and real-time VMware performance monitoring

Often companies employ multiple monitoring systems to keep a check on the various aspects of their IT environment. However, too many monitoring software can leave you in a mess, and can hinder productivity. Our unified monitoring tool allows you to monitor and manage multiple components of your virtual infrastructure.

All-in-one VMware Virtual Machine, Hardware, Traffic and Log Monitoring Tool

At datacenter level, gaining visibility into the entire infrastructure tiers including –vitalization, server, application and network is critical. When end user reports a problem, there is no easier way to pin-point where the problem lies. Our unified performance monitoring engine provides detailed and in-depth statistics on VMware performance – including VM health, hardware status, traffic and Log records. Analyzing these components in one VMware monitoring template helps you pin-point and identify silos in your virtualization environment faster and sends pro-active alert before it impacts your business and end users.

Powerful Automation While Managing SLA, VM and Reports

Manual reporting systems are prone to errors and ineffective reporting about the performance of your virtual infrastructure can cost you significantly. With Mindarray Minder you can completely avoid this. Advance scheduler helps you invoke automated actions such as – VM power, service restart, by searching for specified patterns in VMware log messages, Windows events or any other text messages. In-depth reports are automatically generated and can be scheduled with multiple conditions. Flexible and data architecture allows you to get data reports on each resource within a few clicks and even allows you to visualize your KPI in your personal dashboard.

Proactive Troubleshooting

Mindarray’s Minder comes with an intuitive, predefined dashboard of the performance metrics. You can easily customize it depending upon your requirements. This way you can speedily identify the problem areas. Minder allows you to set rules and if the performance of that parameter goes below that level, you will be notified about it right away.


Key Features of Mindarray’s Minder

  • Real-time performance status of your entire IT infrastructure
  • Get to the root cause of the issue with root cause analysis
  • Receive alerts when performance starts to decline
  • Minder can be scaled up as your IT infrastructure increases to incorporate evolving needs
  • Cross platform monitoring, no matter you work on Linux, Windows or any other OS
  • Low manual configuration required


Our client associates have years of experience in building and managing virtual infrastructure. Use VMware Esxi server performance monitoring to solve performance bottlenecks related to virtual server CPU, Memory and Disk. And leverage on your specific virtual IT infrastructure and VMware monitoring tool requirements. Simply download Mindarray’s Minder, and it’s up and running to help you manage your virtual infrastructure at its high performance levels.